In this  little village in Odisha, in an old run down premises,  a simple school is born. Our project manager started it a few months ago with little initial outlay.
Here are  the first 15 children of this village  learning  how to read and write. The teacher is an adopted young man to a widow who was in our care and who now passed away.
We always look to promote young and willing  people from poor, and like in this case,  also fatherless, backgrounds. This young man obtained a bachelor’s degree with our help and now is in the process of getting his masters degree via correspondence course. He loves children and loves to teach and is excellent at it.
On the group picture you see all the school children, the project manager, the teacher in a blue shirt and on the right hand side 2 women who assist with teaching and cleaning. The two portraits show a girl and a boy, representing the faces of all the pupils,  we hope and pray for a promising future for these 15 children to overcome the many lacks their parents suffer from.

Maharashtra new school

update November 2017
OVERCOMERS ENGLISH SCHOOL  in Telangana bordering Maharashtra:
Our children still learn in the makeshift premises, see in earlier previous posts.
But the school is “coming”. We bought the land, have obtained the registration and  have started putting the pillars last month …. and foundation work is ongoing.
So far we called it Maharashtra school, but I was mistaken, the most part of the land the school will be situated on is on Telangana ground. However, needy children from
Maharashtra and Telangana will be going to school here. In each one of our schools 1/4 of the pupils; orphans and children from extreme poor background will pay no school fees. We expect to start with 70 children. We are still in need of finances for the construction.
Below you can see how deep we had to place the pillars.

Telangana school plan

We have finished repairing Nesama’s house, working on what was still  in tact and adding the upper part, making it about 1 1/2 meters higher. We also did some work inside the house; we repaired the walls and more … we do not just pull down, what we can save we save and we work on the rest.

This is one of many houses we repaired in these 3 years whilst the widows are in our care.
Ps picture before repair😕
and picture after repair 😊

Arise & Shine Widows

Jebarani wiht her two children, they tend goats and chickens now.Jebarani kalluvettankuzhi 2017


Ratna Bai beaming! She is very happy with her cow. Cow milk sells well and is a good income.
arise and Shine retna bay cow

COF started to help some villages in Maharastra by putting up CHH tuition centers in the villages of Somini and Gudem. There was also some land close to our ministry with the possibility to be cultivated, but no water was available to do so.

A kind sponsor offered to help with the funding of the construction of a bore well. This constituted a big breakthrough for the ministry there and its people. It was like a wake up call. Suddenly parents were eager for their children to attend school. Hence we have started to teach and give lessons in make shift sheds in two villages, namely Gudem and Somini. Unfortunately these sheds cannot be used in rainy seasons and basic infrastructure is also missing.

Therefore we are planning to construct a simple building and establish a school where children can learn the whole year round.

We have already found and bought an appropriate land where the children of all those surrounding small villages can come to. We are excited and ready to start with the construction and the planning of the infrastructure to run the school.

We envisage starting with 70 children.

Although we do have started saving money for this construction, we are still in need of more donations.

Have we touched your heart for these precious children who are eager to learn, and for their parents who start seeing the need for their children to attend school and so get a chance to break away from the poverty circle they are in, and their ancestors were in since generations?

January 2017

Planting and harvesting



Students in school in the one and only class room. So far a shed is all they have. We are planning to build a simple building for them this year.



A happy student studying in our shed in the village of Gudem.



More happy students, here in the village of Somini.



Here our nursery kids in the village of Somini.



Children walking through the mud to our two schools.


Odisha, formerly Orissa, is one of the 29 states of India. It is located on the Eastern coast, surrounded by the states of West Bengal to the North East and to the South and South West by Andra Pradesh. 47 % of its population live below poverty line, this is almost double of India’s average of 26 %. Also the infant mortality is very high, 65 per 1000 live births (according to Wikipedia). The language is Odia, formerly Oriya. Our ministry is in Malkangiri and Kuruswada, situated in the South of the state. Our ministry’s main focus in Odisha are children, widows and pastor families.

In the villages of Odisha there are many children roaming the streets, rummaging for food and searching for attention. Some are full orphans, others are not provided for by their guardian. Some have lost their mothers and when their fathers remarry, the new wife does not accept the former child and refuses to feed him or her. Some children we found engaged in child labor. 24 of such children have now found a place in our ‘MY FATHER’S HOME’ and, what is most important, in our hearts.

Here is a small July 2016 update on our 24 children in MY FATHER’S HOME.

Front part of MY FATHERS HOME

Front part of MY FATHER’S HOME’ ….
Nov 2012 – 12 orphaned children move into this simple rented house.


12kids & care taker Orphanage

These are the 12 children with their caretakers and our project manager.


my fathers home Ananta

As we go along we took in 12 more children. This is one of them, his name is Ananta.



my fathers home new girl Sruti

… and here is one of our additional girls. Her name is Sruti.


my father's home construction 2

So now we had to start building as we could not find a good rental place for so many children.


My fathers home dining room


At last, July 2015 the building was completed and we could move in. The children were very excited and happy, and so were we. Now when the weather is nice, they love to eat outside on the patio.


My Father's Home kids1

Here they proudly and happily present themselves.


my fathers home care takers work kids play


The caretakers start with the garden work while the kids are playing.


my fathers home playing ouside 2015

The kids love to engage in games where they all can play together.


My Fathers Home kids playing memory

When the sun is too hot or it is raining, memory or other indoor games are favored.


my fathers home Dormatory-Boys 2015

This is the boys dormitory. They love the bunk beds!


LET’S SHARE thanks everybody who helped us take these children into our care and contributed to the construction of the building, their new home. May God bless you.

Before the well was dug, an 11 year old boy drew his dream of the water for his village.


The water is flowing – what a joy! While the women are already busy pumping up that precious clean and fresh water, artist Prakash is still busy finishing his piece of art; a tree surrounded by a garden. This was the wish of the sponsor.


Artist Prakash, evidently proud of what he had just created, presents his piece of art.


The memorial stone by artist Prakash.